Officers and Committees

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Co-Presidents Joanne Mallon; Pam Marhan
Vice President Jo McKeon-Hutton
Recording Secretary Judy Alberse
Corresponding Secretary Bernice Maguire
Treasurer Bernadette Kelly
Directors Marina Kerber; Leslie Tuthill
 Committee   Chair
Atrium Friends & Flowers Dian Woodroffe; Janine Voell
Awards Kathy Pojawa
Birds, Bees, Butterflies & Environment Bernice Maguire
Community/Club Outreach Ronnie Lander
Design Pam Sutton
Environment Teresa Ann Johnson
Garden Therapy Shirley Maggi/Winn Cuffari
Go Sprouts Hope Hanlon; Laurie Brekke
Horticulture Gotti Kelley
Hospitality Rose Moleta
Membership Theresa Johnson
Parliamentarian Betty Jean Meyer
Primary School Garden Kathie Panepinto
Program Jo McKeon-Hutton
Publicity Pat Dygulski
Red Bank Planters Yoko Ikura
Sunshine Jo McKeon-Hutton
Ways & Means Leslie Tuthill
Webmaster Jo Grazide
Yearbook Ronnie Lander


District VIII Director, NGC Accredited Judge, Master Gardener Marina Kerber
GCNJ 3rd Vice President., CAR Chair Arboriculture Improved Cultivars/Trees, GCNJ Awards Committee, GCNJ Schedule Advisor, NGC Life Judge, Gardening Consultant, Landscape Consultant, Program Assistant Chair Gotti Kelley
Master Gardeners Bea Gardella/Marina Kerber/Leslie Tuthill
Master Composters Bea Gardella/Jo Grazide


1947-49 Mrs. John Langenberger* Founder 1950 Mrs. Harry Corwin*
1951 Mrs. J.E.DeRidder* 1951-53 Mrs. Richard Hurd*
1953-55 Mrs. John Spurdle* 1955-57 Mrs. John Duncan
1957-59 Mrs. J.T. Fontaine* 1959-61 Helen Benedict*
1961-63 Mrs. Harry Craver* 1963-65 Vicki Barrett*
1965-67 Frances R. Swartz 1967-69 Constance Tyne*
1969-71 Jean Ludeman* 1971-73 Audrey McCarthy
1973-75 Ruth Moster* 1975-77 Beverly Gerding
1977-79 Melva Ribe 1979-81 Charlotte Kellogg
1981-83 Louise Hopkins* 1983-85 Constance Tyne*
1985-87 Mary Flockhart* 1987-89 Marjorie Klem
1989-91 Mary Flockhart*  1991-93 Carolyn Whitfield*
1993-95 Barbara Etter 1995-97 Gotti Kelley
1997-99 Beatrice Gardella 1999-01 Elizabeth Stives
2001-03 Gotti Kelley 2003-05 Beatrice Gardella
2005-07 Avis Anderson 2007-09 Kathleen Panepinto
2009-2011 Katherine Pojawa 2011-2013 Leslie Tuthill
2013 – 2015 Irene Saputo 2015 – 2017 Marina Kerber
2017 – present Joanne Mallon & Pamela Marhan (co-Presidents)


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