Links to Other Sites


Atlantic Highlands Primary School (Go Sprouts)

Brookdale Community College

The Monmouth Museum

Poricy Park

Red Bank Primary School

Red Bank River Cener

The Atrium at Navesink Harbor

Habitat for Humanity


Garden Clubs for New Jersey, etc. – A useful source for those seeking membership or information. We are in the Red Bank, NJ area, but are affiliated with several nearby clubs. There is one near you, and we hope you find this helpfu.

OTHER GARDEN CLUB SITES – We are listed under Organizations. You can do lots of things here including learning about plants and horticulture.


SPEAKERS’ LINKS – Our recent speaker was so informative we want to continue to follow her and her efforts for butterflies and moths online.


Flower Identification Resource Guide – sent to us by a reader. Good place to help identify plants we see every day, and some we don’t!

Arena Flowers – Bouquets, plants, general information about flowers. *Here is a blog entry about orchids as a very desirable indoor flowering plant. –

Plant Care Guides from National Gardening Association

BBC Gardening – An amazing full-bodied site containing so much information you may forget to come back here. Check in to read questions about gardening, and solutions, topics, pictures galore and other gardening interests. – we just found this one. If you have any kids you want to introduce to the joys of gardening, here is a great idea!

DESIGN INFO – Creative Floral Arrangers is offered to get ideas about design. These are designs you can use as a starting point for our upcoming shows.


Let’s Kick the Plastic Habit… – A great site to start us talking about how much of these we’ve done, and how we can easily do more. Thanks to my friend, Linda…

OTHER & MISC. – Cute digital images for free from this blog. See our Contact form page for an example.



National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Theme: “ Plant America”  



Central Atlantic Region

Director, Regina I. Brown

Theme: “Plant America: Knowledge is key to success”





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