Birds and Trees Presentation Flew!

We had the pleasure of an hour with @BillDalton, a renowned bird expert and nature photographer.

The points 20190312_130451he made and examples he showed us were clear and interesting. His stories were fun to hear. 

As nature lovers, the club members and many guests and prospective new members were rapt as raptors were shown, hungry or sated. Finches and wrens took the floor as we saw their best side. And the cute little owl stole the show.

Many of our talks and presentation offer a treat and are free and open to the public. Please contact us and we will be sure to save a seat.


Stay tuned for more adventures in the garden and in the habitat as we welcome warmer weather and yet more outdoor time.

Update on our Annual Meeting and Cotton

For our members and members-to-be…

The date of our annual luncheon in June has been changed to June 18 (instead of the 11th) so please note it in your yearbook.  It will be at salt creek grille. This would allow extra time between GCNJ’s annual luncheon on June 6 and ours.  We have been given the opportunity to have a display honoring Gotti at the GCNJ luncheon and hope this date change will allow many of you to lend your support and attend their luncheon as well as ours.  More information will follow.

As some of you heard, we have access to some cotton plant seeds from Florida.  It might be fun to try them as the “Horticulture challenge” that we have in our flower show.  Although plans for a flower show and “Challenge’ are a future decision, the seeds need an early start.   Anyone interested in giving them a try, let our President know. It is best to start them indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost date in our area (April 16th).  Information on how to do this is easy to find online.  They also make a good conversation piece as patio or deck container plants.

Our upcoming meeting will be great!

Our next meeting is all about the medicinal properties of well-known flowers and herbs.

The speaker is Judy Ryan, who is a Certified Medical Aromatherapist, with many years’ experience in the medical field. She will being along demonstration items to be raffled off. Friends are invited to this unique presentation.

Join us for this unique presentation at 1 PM.


Our January meeting is about Ikebana!

Happy New Year and best wishes for a 2019 that is good to you!

The first event of 2019 will be our January 8th business meeting starting at 11 a.m.  After lunch,  the program “Ikebana History and Demonstration” will be presented by our very own Yoko Ikura and you are in for a treat!!  After a brief history, Yoko will demonstrate how to create several styles of Sogetsu Ikebana.  Highly accomplished, Yoko received her first teacher’s certificate and flower name, Koka, in 1988 and now possesses the second highest rank in Sogetsu, Komon.

Navesink Garden Club receives Volunteer of the Year Award from Red Bank River Center in December!



Publicity Contact:  Joanne Mallon 


On December 3rd at Red Bank RiverCenter’s Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation,  the Navesink Garden Club received their  “2018 Volunteer of the Year Award” for their maintenance of the Red Bank flower planters.  Upon informing the club of their selection, James Scavone, Executive Director of Red Bank RiverCenter thanked the club membership for their “heroic efforts” in maintaining the planters . Noting the importance of the flower program’s direct impact on the economic vitality of downtown Red Bank through helping create an atmosphere that attracts visitors, tourists and customers,  Mr. Scavone described the club’s participation as “invaluable”  and  stated, “it would not be possible to implement the flower program without you.”

Since 1996, the Navesink Garden Club sends a team of four members once a week from June through the end of October to canvas the downtown streets for maintenance of approximately 50 flower pots.  The teams rotate each planter with a quarter turn in order to promote all-around even growth.  They deadhead spent blossoms, trim back ambitious growers,  prune to maintain a pleasing shape and, not insignificantly, remove unwanted debris.  Plants that are damaged or appear suffering are reported to RiverCenter for remediation.   Recognizable with their green aprons and pruners set to go, club members are frequently greeted by a resident’s thank you and expression of pleasure at the beauty the planters provide.

The Navesink Garden Club invites people interested in horticulture and design to attend one of our meetings, enjoy a warm and friendly welcome and learn what interesting projects the club engages in.  Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month from 11a.m. to 2 p.m. at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor, Red Bank, from September to June.  Follow us here or on FaceBook, or contact Membership Chair, Terry, at






Our trip to the Cranberry Bog

November is Hummingbird Talk Time


PR Contact:  Joanne Mallon



On Tuesday, November 13th, the Navesink Garden Club will host a program titled “Creating a Hummingbird Habitat:” by speaker Ann Sherwood.  . Hummingbirds are masters of beauty and disguise and it is never too early to start planning on how to lure them into your yard next year.  By understanding a little bit about their unique biology, you can design your garden or window box to be more inviting to them. Ms. Sherwood will discuss choosing and positioning the plants they love so you can enjoy watching these fascinating creatures.

The public is invited to attend this program free of charge.  It begins at 1 p.m. at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor, 40 Riverside Avenue, Red Bank.

The Navesink Garden Club invites people interested in horticulture and design to attend a regular meeting, enjoy a warm and friendly welcome and learn about what interesting projects the club offers.  Meetings are held at The Atrium on the second Tuesday of the month from 11a.m. to 2p.m. from September to June.

For additional information visit or  contact Membership Chair, Terry, at


“Wedding Bells” a Big Success


PR Contact:  Joanne Mallon

ngc fall flower show 9-18 230


The Navesink Garden Club began their new season with a   Small Standard Flower Show titled “Wedding Bells” held at the Atrium at Navesink Harbor in Red Bank. The yearly event was a again a big success enjoyed by many garden enthusiasts. The Horticulture Division titled “Down the Aisle” walked us through  a splendid and colorful array of entries with 78 ribbons being awarded. Taking top honors were Marina Kerber with an Arboreal Award and Award of Merit,  Bernice Maguire winning 4 Awards of Merit plus 6 additional ribbons, and Pat Wotton who captured the Grower’s Choice Award and 9 additional ribbons. Janine Voell received an Award of Merit.   

In the  Design Division, 12 entries were submitted based on the playful theme “Going to the Chapel”.  Marina Kerber received the Designer’s Choice Award for her “Destination Wedding” design, Judy Alberse received a Blue ribbon for her American traditional petite design, “A Gift for the Bridesmaids”, and Pam Sutton received a Blue ribbon for “Brunch for the Bride and Groom”, an informal functional table for two. Red ribbons were awarded to Ronnie Lander, Joanne Mallon and Diana Rueda for their designs. Chairperson, Marina Kerber, is a NGC Accredited Judge, Master Gardener and former President of the Navesink Garden Club.

The Navesink Garden Club invites people interested in horticulture and design to attend a meeting, enjoy a warm and friendly welcome and learn what interesting projects the club is engaged in. Meetings are held at the Atrium at Navesink Harbor, 40 Riverside Ave., Red Bank, on the second Tuesday of the month from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. from September to June. Join the list for this site for information on current happenings or contact Membership Chair, Terry, at

Cranberry Trip Information

Navesink Garden Club will be traveling to a wonderful area of New Jersey. Known for its unique views and agriculture, the Pine Barrens also has cranberry bogs. Yes, they are still working to produce wonderful crops. Enjoy a day out, lunch, and an education about this interesting and unique area.

Promising to be a great day, the trip is open to guests. Here is the information.



close up of strawberries

Photo by Irita Antonevica on

Info for our SSFS on 9/11…

Good luck, everyone!

Navesink Garden Club
September 11, 2018
Horticulture Entries:

– Entry Cards will be available at the registration desk on day of show.

– Address labels may be used for exhibitor information. Use pencil or water-proof ink.

– Cut specimens should not have foliage below the water line except for Gladiolus.

– Foliage plants may flower, but should be exhibited as foliage if they are grown for their leaves.

– General Show Chairman and Horticulture Chairman are free to subdivide classes by color, form, size, variety or other distinguishing characteristics.

– The Scale of Points for Horticulture are listed on pages 298-299 of the Handbook for Flower Shows

– Plant specimens must be fresh plant material, grown by the exhibitor, and MUST be correctly named on entry card.

– Variety/cultivar, if known, should also be listed on Entry card. Common plant names may also be included.

– Containers for cut specimens will be provided by the Committee.

– Bubble wrap provided by Committee will be used to wedge the specimens.

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