Awards and Honors

Navesink Garden Club (NGC) Awards:

The Club presents Club Awards at the Annual June Luncheon recognizing outstanding achievements by its members. They include:

  • Gotti Kelley Award for Artistic Craft – see below
  • Design within NGC
  • Horticulture within NGC
  • Design for highest accumulative points
  • Horticulture for highest accumulative points

Chairperson – Kathy Pojawa

Current Member Awards

Pennsylvania Horticulture Society Gardening and Greening Award –
To Laurie Brekke and Hope Hanlon for the Tiger Patch Learning Garden at the Atlantic Highlands Elementary School

Garden Club of New Jersey –

The Katherine Cutler Junior Garden Club of the Year – Go Sprouts
The Ann De Roner Junior Gardeners Horticulture Trophy – Go Sprouts
Certificate of Merit with Gold Seal – Go Sprouts
Certificate of Merit for Comprehensive Study of Horticulture – Go Sprouts
Certificate of Merit with Gold Seal for an Excellent Yearbook – Ronnie Joy Lander

Additional Navesink Garden Club Awards

 The Bea Gardella Award for Horticulture  – Gotti Kelley
The Betty Jean Meyer Award for Horticulture – Gotti Kelley
The Margaret Poduska Award for Design – Marina Kerber
The Navesink Garden Club Award for Design – Pam Sutton
The Gotti Kelley Award for Artistic  Craft – Janine Voell
Special Award for Weeding – Dian Woodroffe
Navesink Garden Club/Mary Cain Scholarship Award

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