Awards and Honors

Navesink Garden Club (NGC) Awards:

Awards are presented at the Annual Luncheon recognizing outstanding achievements by its members. They include:

The Gotti Kelley Artistic Crafts award for Design and Horticulture for those who have earned the most award points within the Navesink Garden Club, and also individuals who have earned the overall highest cumulative points in all Flower shows and Horticultural Events.

Chairperson: Yoko I.

Current Member Awards

Pennsylvania Horticulture Society Gardening and Greening Award –
To Laurie Brekke and Hope Hanlon for the Tiger Patch Learning Garden at the Atlantic Highlands Elementary School

Garden Club of New Jersey –

The Katherine Cutler Junior Garden Club of the Year – Go Sprouts
The Ann De Roner Junior Gardeners Horticulture Trophy – Go Sprouts
Certificate of Merit with Gold Seal – Go Sprouts
Certificate of Merit for Comprehensive Study of Horticulture – Go Sprouts
Certificate of Merit with Gold Seal for an Excellent Yearbook – Ronnie Joy Lander

Additional Navesink Garden Club Awards

 The Bea Gardella Award for Horticulture  – Gotti Kelley
The Betty Jean Meyer Award for Horticulture – Gotti Kelley
The Margaret Poduska Award for Design – Marina Kerber
The Navesink Garden Club Award for Design – Pam Sutton
The Gotti Kelley Award for Artistic  Craft – Janine Voell
Special Award for Weeding – Dian Woodroffe
Navesink Garden Club/Mary Cain Scholarship Award

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