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This is an open letter and reflects the Webmaster, not the members of the Club.

As we move from pandemic uncertainty to a new normal to our uncertain future, we continue to enjoy our gardens and learn about design and horticulture together, as a club. So, we’ve decided to streamline and update some of our features and processes.

First, there will be no more, or at least very little, outside links. The internet culture allows cheating and some of that is unsavory to us users. So, since we cannot constantly monitor a lot of outside sources, we decided to just limit links. If you think about it, at this point in time you should be adept at “Googling” and there are so many resources out there, it is pointless to pick and choose for you.

Next, we will move our “gallery” over to #Instagram. In this way, our offerings and visuals will be more highly accessible, and may result in new members who are simply recommended by #Instagram itself. That’s the algorithm thing that can indeed work for us!

So stay tuned as we refine our methods, and continue to get our hands dirty as we dig through an uncertain future that will be with us whether we wish it or not.

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