Slow Disappearance Visible

Hi, fellow gardeners. Jo here, your webmaster. Anyone concerned about the lessening of our old friends the June bugs, and the fireflies? Despite use of IPM and organic methods, we are seeing less and less of the pollinators in our yards.

I miss the big, bold butterflies, the hawk moths, the masses of fireflies (there are some, but there are many species too). I miss the green caterpillars, the baby ladybugs. Only as the summer goes on, will we really know who’s gone and who’s not.

Of course, drought and excessive rain – vis a vis dead, drowned gophers and moles, will not be so devastating as time goes on.

Hopefully, things will recover. In the meanwhile, treasure what we have left and hope for change.

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  1. Gotti Kelley
    Jul 04, 2017 @ 10:22:50

    I used to see hundreds of fireflies dancing around at night, none sofar this year
    But – but lots of pollinators are visiting my flowers, Phlox and all types of lilies, Hummingbirds flitting around at 8am and again in the afternoon – and once in a while a Black Swallowtail – hoping for more.



  2. Jo Grazide
    Jul 24, 2017 @ 10:42:56

    Reblogged this on Jo's Glog.



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