Our 70th Year is Coming

We are awaiting our final YearBook, that little booklet that holds our hopes and dreams for our coming season – our 70th year!!!

While most of the original founders have found their way to the Eden that we hope for, we are carrying on the community and personal growth that they envisioned so many years ago.

Our club is vital, active, and ambitious, and this coming year’s activities will reflect that.

In addition to our many other awards, we are hoping to get some recognition for this very site, and will begin the submission process soon.

Thank you all for your pictures and thoughts in the year just passed. We are looking forward to ripening tomatoes and lots of information from you going forward.

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  1. Pam sutton
    Jun 28, 2016 @ 09:39:18

    There is nothing so precious to me, besides family, as my Navesink Garden Club! I have moved three times in the past five years, the one constant, my life preserver is my garden club! How do you keep your mind active and you body vertical… A life in the garden and constantly creating new floral designs. Our President has a tag line “as Cicero says if you have a book and a garden you have enough” I would add if you have a garden, Malcolm Gladwell and Netfix documentaries you have enough… Oh, and the Internet!



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