Our First Meeting is almost Here

Members of the Navesink Garden Club are busy, as we speak, setting up some preliminaries at the Atrium, where our first meeting and annual horticultural and design competition will be held. It will be tomorrow, 9/13, and the public is invited from 1-3 PM to view our results.

We promise a good view of local fruits, vegetables and even designs, created or grown by members in their own gardens. Our rules follow the Handbook for Flower Shows so are judged on standard criteria.

If you are intimidated by the ideas of designing something or growing a garden, don’t hesitate to visit us. You will realize that we are just like anyone else. We all started somewhere. Even if it was with a small hand trowel and a bucket of potting soil.

See you tomorrow at the Atrium!

Some Good News

It’s Official, The BettyJean and Karl Meyer Art and Nature Area at The Monmouth Museum is now an official Monarch Waystation .

You may be familiar with the new project which we are doing with the Monmouth Museum. Both they and NGC have been working hard at getting recognition and at the same time, helping the environment. One way we are involved is to provide help to the Monarch Butterfly as it visits our area for its summer range.

To that end, our members have achieved status with a national program. You can go to the website to learn more, or better yet, visit the area at the Monmouth Museum to say hello.


It’s a pretty interesting website as well:







Reminder on Container Class

REMINDER that if you intend to  bring any of the following 3 to the Sept. 13 Flower Show you must register with the Horticulture Chairman – Kathie (see YearBook) – by Sept 1.

That’s TODAY!

Class 7. Container Grown Flowering Plant in Bloom

Class 8. Container Grown Foliage Plant

Class 9. Combination Planting

So far there are  only 6 entrants for these 3 categories.  Surely there are more of you who have such things.  And with little competition the odds of a blue are in your favor.

You have until midnight of Sept. 1  to “register”.  Since it is announced in the schedule I think we need to abide by the rules and not accept any late registrants.  Even if you’re not sure that your plant will be presentable on 9/13 register it.  You can always withdraw an entry but you probably won’t be able to add one.

A Prince of a Frog

ronnie's yard views of pond w arrow 8-16 (3 of 11)

Follow the green arrow to green frog.

Sometimes our gardens hold surprises for us. Unexpected pleasures are always appreciated, and one was encountered today. Our Ronnie Joy was investigating her yards’s eligibility for the National Wildlife Federation’s Backyard Habitat certification, to her surprise a loud sound from a small space was heard. It was only a green frog, but having a frog in her pond, along with her birdhouses and feeders, trees, natural native plantings, just complemented the yard she has so lovingly built over the years.

This is just to say, that members can and should take a survey of their existing backyard areas, and large or small, every one of us should look into this exciting program.

ronnie's yard views of pond 8-16 (8 of 11)

Now there is even more to enjoy!


emma lander 8-16

Even Emma thinks this is fun!

Congratulations to…

We want to make a special mention that our current President, Marina Kerber, has been named District VIII Director. Congratulations to Marina. If you want to come meet her and our other awesome members, remember the date!

Our September flower show, is open to all.

Upcoming Meetings

September Flower Show Schedule

hi – here is a link to access/view the Schedule for our Fall Flower Show. If you have any problems getting to it, let me know…Jo the Webmaster.


Click here for a copy of the Show Schedule

New Photos on FaceBook…

Run, don’t walk – to this location. This is on our FaceBook presence, Our FACEBOOK GROUP and it is a public group.

Please join our group, and follow our adventures in design and horticulture.

Our 70th Year is Coming

We are awaiting our final YearBook, that little booklet that holds our hopes and dreams for our coming season – our 70th year!!!

While most of the original founders have found their way to the Eden that we hope for, we are carrying on the community and personal growth that they envisioned so many years ago.

Our club is vital, active, and ambitious, and this coming year’s activities will reflect that.

In addition to our many other awards, we are hoping to get some recognition for this very site, and will begin the submission process soon.

Thank you all for your pictures and thoughts in the year just passed. We are looking forward to ripening tomatoes and lots of information from you going forward.

News @ the Museum

We have a unique opportunity to share our design skills and love of nature with our friends at the Monmouth Museum. Please read read the recent email to me which outlines the activities for the weekend of the 24th.
 We will met at the Museum on Monday, June 6, at 10 a.m. to receive our painting assignments. (If you are unable to come at that time, I will get a copy/print of your painting and get it to you.) We will place our designs on Friday, June 24, anytime during regular museum hours, but certainly before the scheduled reception.  We will pick up our designs on Monday, June 27. (If you cannot pick up your design, I will pick it up for you.)
Now, please, please, please let me know that you are willing to do a design for this “Art in Bloom.” The design can be anything you want it to be, fresh flowers, dried materials, a combination of both, traditional or creative. This should be FUN — NO JUDGING, JUST YOU AND YOUR PAINTING AND FLOWERS.
PLEASE VOLUNTEER — I’D LIKE TO HAVE A STRONG SHOWING FROM OUR MEMBERSHIP TO MAKE THE SHOW A SUCCESS.  Let me know as soon as you can if you are going to do a design.

Update on Plant Exchange

This week, on May 3, members are going to our twice-yearly plant exchange. This event is well-anticipated because we get a chance not only to reconnect and enjoy each others’ company and advice, but we get plants! This is also a wonderful way for prospective members to have a casual introduction to the knowledgeable and interesting members of our Club.

Going home with a new addition to our gardens is very exciting. We can trust each other that the plants are hardy, healthy and have a history with us.

This spring, it will be a little different. We will also be offering some plants from a nursery, for a nominal cost. These were left-overs from our Poricy Park event, but by no means left-outers! They are fresh, vibrant, and waiting to be part of your vegetable and herb gardens.

In addition, Irene will have some beans which will become our Fall Horticulture Challenge, another annual project that has been a fun tradition at our Club.

Also, any garden items, unwanted planters will be welcome as part of the exchange.

Hope you can make our Plant Exchange at Janine ‘s lovely home May 3, Tues. 9:30 am.




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