Update on NJ Flower Show results…

Our Club members – again – outdid themselves -

The Club Competition “Come Sail Away” a garden vignette under the most capable guidance of Kathleen Panepinto and B. Kelly and their team won a well deserved Blue Ribbon. The imaginative handling, incorporating a dune with sprouting sea grass, a water feature, nautical elements and a delightful boardwalk clearly expressed the theme.

Marina Kerber won a coveted National Award for her exquisite hanging design “Catching a Wave at Malibu Beach” and an Award¬†in the Judges Challenge, a small design.

Gotti Kelley garnered the National Arboreal Award for her Magnolia,4 blue ribbons for ¬†horticulture and a yellow ribbon for her small design “Shimmering Pools of Miami”.

Leslie Tuthill got a well-deserved Blue in Horticulture and Astrid Dixon, a provisional member, won a Blue for her Fern Onion.

Bernice Maguire created an Underwater Design in a container almost as tall as she is. Judging was in progress, I do not have the final result.

Pam Sutton’s table design was delightful, and garnered a respectable award.

The Ebru Rich Silk Design, a dramatic art of painting on water, was skillfully handled by our club members Irene Saputo, Joanne Mallon and Janine Voell. When I left last night at 6:30pm judging was not quite completed in this Section, but I have to say all three creation were terrific and had a large degree of difficulty.

Junior Gardeners had a large, outstanding display of photographs, horticulture and design. Judging was not completed.and will continue Friday morning.

There were many outstanding design creations and wonderful horticulture, we enjoyed the delightful Youth exhibits and were thrilled by the creativity that exists in our Club and proud to belong. Thank you to all who participated – its truly a labor of love.


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